Don't just guess where to invest, know with confidence.

Neighborhoods Uncovered will show you how.

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Brendon C.

This book provides an excellent dive into exactly how to find the best locations to invest in real estate. It covers many aspects and when you finish it, you will have specific instructions of what you need to consider for rental property investing.

The author, Joshua Dimond, provides many first-hand stories to illustrate his points. His tone is friendly and enthusiastic, while also being realistic. He does not present market analysis as the end all solution to real estate investing, but rather as one piece of the puzzle – perhaps the most important piece.

Michele L.

I am thinking about investing in real estate, mostly long term residential rentals. In order to educate myself on the matter, I chose this book based on the reviews. As someone completely new to real estate and that has never owned a property before, I found this book informative.  I have always heard the number one rule of investing in real estate is location, but had no idea how to find the best location.  This book has the solution!  Pair that with the financial information of how to model a property and it’s a winning combination to give me the confidence to start my journey!

George R.

Great Book! Very practical stuff. I found myself taking notes and reading parts over again. Not because it was a difficult read, but because I was so engaged and wanted to read it again. LOL. Whether you want to acquire a few rentals or fix n’ flip properties, this book will show you a path. Joshua’s a knowledgeable guy and I enjoyed reading this book. Practical. Applicable. Precise. This book delivers.

Neighborhoods Uncovered

A treasure map is a map that marks the location of buried treasure, or a hidden location.  Much like a true treasure map is often thought to be a myth or legend, impossible to find, but highly sought after; so too is the elusive process of finding the best real estate locations to invest within. Neighborhoods Uncovered was written to solve this exact premise, to bring to light a system in which a local real estate investor can finally identify properties like an institutional investor. 


This book will NOT teach you everything you need to know to become a successful real estate investor.  It will NOT walk you through every way possible to invest in real estate, and it will NOT teach you how to buy a property with no money down.


What it WILL do is teach you the #1 rule of real estate investing!  It WILL teach you to identify the best location for you to invest in and it WILL give you a specific repeatable process you can do again and again.


There are a number of great books already out there on how to flip houses or invest in real estate or buy a rental property.  However, most of them fall far short on the #1, 2, and 3 fundamental rules of real estate investing: location, location, location.  This book is specifically devised to go after that niche in the real estate investing world because, despite the importance of the topic, there is so much confusion and miss-information around how to identify the best locations and neighborhoods to invest within. 


As a bonus, this book also includes how to utilize the market analysis in evaluating deals and pricing for resale or renting; arming you with the finest information to maximize your profits!



Neighborhoods Uncovered will provide you with the best advice possible when making what is likely to be the biggest investment of your life, with chapters that cover:


  • Introduction to Market Analysis

  • County Evaluation

  • Sub-Market Evaluation

  • Neighborhood Analysis

  • Market-Based Approach to Analyzing Deals

  • Pricing for Resale and Rental

  • Financial Modeling

  • And much more…


Whether you are flipping houses or buying rental properties, Neighborhoods Uncovered is a must read for anyone serious about investing in real estate!

Neighborhoods Uncovered Treasure Map 

The Ultimate Market Analysis and Deal Evaluation Tool

The hardest part of actually doing a market analysis is knowing what data is important and organizing everything while staying consistent.  After spending years of frustration weeding through mounds of data and trying to figure out what is and is not important, I came up with this tool - a literal "treasure map."  It narrows down everything needed to make the analysis as painless as possible while giving you detailed instructions and links to free web sites walking you step-by-step through the process.  By simply going from one tab to the next, you will end up knowing exactly which markets are the best for you to invest within.


Once you've found out the markets you want to target, this simple tool walks you through how to analyze different deals and ultimately how to conduct a professional underwriting for your property; narrowing down whether you are better off doing a quick fix and flip or holding the property for the long-run and renting it out. 


As a bonus, if you decide to rent out the property there is another tab that walks you through how to think about increasing rents and the trade-off between raising rents and the risk of vacancy so you can make the most informed decision and maximize your profits!

Darren E.

This “map” is extremely helpful and advanced!  I never would have been able to build something like this on my own.  I consider myself ok at spreadsheets, but this is a whole new level for me and makes this analysis much easier.  I would highly recommend anyone interested in real estate investments get this tool!

Mindy K.

This spreadsheet is wonderful!  It follows the book's steps exactly and helps reinforce everything you learn in the book.  It came up with the perfect neighborhoods for me to invest in and I’ve already started to watch listings feeling very confident I know I’m investing in the right locations.

Joseph A.

I had my own spreadsheets for real estate investing, but this has replaced all of them.  It’s done extremely well and when I presented the proforma to a friend of mine about getting him to invest with me on a project, he was blown away and invested. 

BONUS Market Analysis used in the Book!

FREE Download

Completed Market Analysis

This file is for those of you who want a real-life example of how to fill out the market analysis used in the book.  This is also the analysis I reference in the book to download here so you can clearly understand the tables used throughout.

About Joshua

“Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood…”

Joshua has spent over 13 years in the real estate industry. He’s helped operate and set rental rates for over 50,000 apartment units across the country from California to Manhattan to Miami and everywhere in between. Currently, he works as a developer, building apartments and retail properties.  His local real estate experience ranges from owning and operating rental units to successfully fixing and flipping properties.


In 2005 Joshua jumped into the real estate industry riding the wave of local investor exuberance and never looked back. After achieving early success he went back to school for his Masters in real estate investments and construction management; there he found his niche in market analysis. Understanding the key to reducing risk and outperforming underwriting for any successful real estate investment is based on finding the best locations, he decided to write Neighborhoods Uncovered, to help others successfully navigate this seemingly elusive topic.


Despite having visited every major city in the United States, he still hasn’t found anywhere that beats his home town of Denver, Colorado and he still lives there today with his two young sons.


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